Direct Credits Have your pay put directly into your First Choice account using our BSB 802-318 and your Membership Number. You can arrange to have you pay automatically split between various sub-accounts.
Direct Debits A direct debit is a convenient and efficient method for making a variety of payments but is usually best suited to small to medium recurring payments of a fixed amount such as insurance premiums. Care should be taken before giving a direct debit authority for unpredictable expenses or for amounts that can vary significantly.

You will usually give direct debit authority to a merchant, which permits them to directly debit your nominated account with us in payment for goods and services. You should always review your bank statements to ensure that the merchant is debiting your account in accordance with your authority.

You can cancel a direct debit authority that is linked to an account with us by either contacting the biller or us. If you contact us we will promptly process your instruction to cancel the direct debit authority.

You should maintain sufficient funds in your account to cover the cheques that you write.

Internet Banking Internet banking allows you to do your banking from the comfort of home 24/7.
You can use our internet banking to check your account balance, or transfer money between your accounts with First Choice Credit Union or to any other financial institution. You can also use BPAY to pay any bill with the BPAY symbol. You must be registered to use internet banking before using. Log onto Internet Banking
Internet Banking Registration Form
Phone Banking You can use phone banking to check your balances, transfer between First Choice Account or pay bills using BPAY. Phone 6362 2944.
Visa Debit Card A First Choice Credit Union Visa Debit Card is a convenient and safe way to access the funds in your savings account.  You can use the card anywhere in Australia and worldwide where Visa is accepted.Features:

-Linked to your savings account so you can use your own funds at 29 million  merchant locations worldwide
-Pay bills and make purchases over the phone and internet
-Accepted at over 1.9 million ATMs worldwide
-Make fast and convenient payWave purchases up to $100
-Use the “credit” button for EFTPOS transactions for free transactions.
-24/7 Fraud monitoring
-Verified by Visa (VbV) security for additional security with participating online merchants

Card available to all members over the age of 18 years

To apply for a Visa Debit Card please call (02) 6362 2944

For more information call (02) 6362 2944 or call into our office. Lost or Stolen cards phone 1800 125 440 or international +1300 3967 1090

Member Cheques Pay bills and other expenses with a First Choice Credit Union personal cheque book. Cheque books are available in 25 page or 100 page and new books are automatically sent out. You should maintain sufficient funds in your account to cover the cheques that you write.
Periodic Payments First Choice can set up regular payments to come out of your account weekly, fortnightly or monthly to pay any bills or accounts.
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