Fraud is prevalent in today’s society and the best protection is prevention. Sometimes fraud happens so we want to help make sure you are aware of some ways to prevent this.

If you notice any unusual transactions on your account you should immediately contact us. You can also use the online card management icon via internet banking (including after hours) to block your card and prevent any further access.

Any transactions coming from organisations that require a sign in should be contacted directly due to privacy. If these are on your card please contact us so that we can cancel your card to prevent further transactions coming out of your account.

Avoid links or unsecure sites that may infect your device with malware or compromise your details. Check for the padlock before providing your personal information online.

Before signing up to any agreement, including free trials, read the fine print and check the criteria for cancelling. Usually if you need to provide your card details it is NOT FREE.

The Cuscal Vigil Fraud monitoring team may contact you if they notice or block suspicious transactions on your account. If in doubt about the legitimacy of the call, contact them directly on 1300 705 750.

Visa Secure and eftpos Secure are our 3D Secure fraud prevention measures designed to add an additional layer for security to your online shopping to protect against fraudulent card use. In certain instances, you may be requested to validate your identity by confirming your purchase with an OTP (One-time Password) sent to your registered mobile device. Entering this password will confirm your identity and your transaction will be approved.

For more information visit:

1800 595 160

If you believe that your identity has been stolen, contact your local Police.

If you believe that there is any fraudulent activity on your account, contact us as soon as possible.

For lost or stolen cards: phone 1800 125 440 or
international +1300 3967 1090